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5 star rating

"Amazing attorney! So thankful for all of her help and guidance! I was fighting an uphill battle, I had 2 prior attorneys that were not willing to fight. Mrs. Villaseñor and her husband were willing to fight the uphill battle which resulted in huge win for us! I am so grateful for having an attorney that listened and believed in my cause!"


5 star rating

"Super nice lady, very knowledgeable and professional, had genuine concern for our situation and went to work immediately establishing positive changes in our case. Overall, Mrs. Villaseñor was a real gem."


5 star rating

"Celia Villaseñor is a class act and a great attorney. She worked hard and diligently and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case. Ms. Villaseñor is attentive, responsive, and always follows up in a timely manner. A big Thank you to You and Mr. Deck and also your staff for the professionalism and dedication you showed me. I highly recommend both Ms. Villaseñor and Mr. Deck."


5 star rating

"I called Mrs. Villaseñor in a panic due to issues with my ex. I was given an appointment the next day, and I hired her immediately. I explained to Mrs. Villaseñor that I am a passive person, so I need her to be aggressive where I am soft. She was not afraid to go to bat for me and made sure I got everything I requested. She told me what I needed to do, how we would do it, and if all went well, it would soon be over. I can not thank her enough for helping me get my child, my freedom, and keep my sanity. Divorce is never fun, but having a hard-fighting lawyer definitely helps. My ex is still bitter and brings her up from time to time. I ignore him, but if I need further help, I would hire her again. She let me know although I may not hear from her, that does not mean she’s not working on my case. She stood by her word, and when it was quiet, my case was still being worked. I genuinely thank Mrs. Villaseñor and her sweet assistant for taking good care of me during my five-month divorce. If you need a lawyer to represent you fully in child custody cases, she will fight for you! Thank you all so very much! My money was well spent!"


5 star rating

"Amazing attorney. Got my case dismissed ASAP and was always very responsive and really fought for me in court. Very professional and courteous. Highly recommend her for family cases!! 10 out of 5 stars"


5 star rating

"Celia Villaseñor has represented my family and I in my child custody case filed in Texas. She also assisted with another custody case filed in California. Celia provided exceptional representation and I was awarded custody of my children in both cases. Celia has proven to be the best at her occupation, is highly respected, and I would recommend her representation to all."


5 star rating

"Very knowledgeable especially in child custody, CPS cases. Will fight for you!! Does not back down when it comes to doing what is right!"


5 star rating

"Celia Villaseñor and her husband Richard Deck have provided multiple services for my family over the years. They are caring, ethical, professional, and they obtained most favorable outcomes in EVERY case. God bless Celia Villaseñor and Richard Deck. They have my highest recommendation. By the way, although we have the same last name we are not related by blood or marriage."


5 star rating

"Thank you Celia for everything I couldn’t have picked the perfect lawyer during this trying time. Please Thank Richard too and all your staff!"


5 star rating

"She helped my husband with his case and got him what he wanted. Great attorney and great staff!"


5 star rating

"Great attorney! Has helped my family in various cases! Would recommend her to anyone!"


5 star rating

"Amazing professionalism from Ms. Villaseñor in handling my case."


5 star rating

"The best attorney HANDS DOWN"


5 star rating

"Good lawyers, good communication."


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